My name is Nic, despite the serious looking  photo on the right, I’m a fun guy.  I love the snow but hate the cold, and I quite like dogs and Ice cream (but never together). I have a dog, you’ll probably meet him in the studio, his name is Baxter, click HERE to see a picture of him dressed as a Rockstar.

I photograph people, from Actors to Models and Writers to Rock Bands. I love my job. I love to learn more about the people I photograph, who you are, what you want to show, whats your favourite fruit, how long can you hold your breath, and where you are actually aiming these photos to be seen.

The aim of my sessions is to not put pressure on you to ‘perform’for the camera, as soon as someone feels they have to project something into the lens, thats when it all goes wrong. I’m guilty of it myself, before becoming a full time photographer, I worked as an actor in the world of t.v. film and theatre, which gives me the unique benefit as a photographer, of understanding the creative industry from the inside, however, I spent years staring down the lens, thinking ‘come on, you know you want want me’, but to no avail, what resulted was a very wide eyed person looking blank!

I want you relaxed and only then can we capture some LIFE in the image.

I pride myself on work of the highest standards and always provide my clients with a first class service unique to you, and deliver the finest photographs on earth!

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