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A great headshot can get you noticed and elevate you to the next step of your career, it can be the difference between getting a job and not, so why compromise?

The entertainment industry can be a tough one to crack. You are up against a huge amount of competition and need to stand out from the crowd.


The power that a decent headshot can hold can be underestimated, to not only get you noticed but to catch people's attention and let them take you seriously.


The aim of my shoots is to not put pressure on you to ‘perform’ in front of the camera, as soon as someone feels they have to project something into the lens, thats when it all goes wrong! I want you relaxed and comfortable and only then can we capture some LIFE in the image. I use a lot of direction during my shoots to get you in a different headspace and thinking about your casting and where we want the photos to get you.


Check out my interactive FAQ video to (hopefully) answer all your headshot related questions!

Just click on the video and select the questions you want answered!


We is me really, but sounds better when I say 'we'

a headshot of Nicholas Dawkes
Collageof images of lightbox studios in Chiswick
Baxter the studio dog
Nic Dawkes

I love what I do. I've been shooting headshots now for about 15 years, and thats a lot of faces but I never get bored.


Every face is different, from your skin tones to your features. Match that with the ability to give off 7000 expressions per face, and whats to be bored about?


I treat every client individually and am not running a conveyer belt of headshots for a quick buck. I believe that having your headshot taken is an intimate experience, one-to-one, that requires time and a relaxed environment.

The Studio

My studio is based in Chiswick, London, Situated between Chiswick Park and Gunnersbury and easily accessible by tube and road.


It is situated within The Lightbox building, a hub of creative studios with a great cafe and open plan reception area to hang out and relax before or after your shoot. The studio is equipped with amples of natural light and a laid back vibe to let you relax into your shoot.



I've got a little furry pal called Baxter that hangs in the studio most days, he’s small, calm and friendly and loves cuddles if you want them.


Of course, if you dont like dogs, drop me an email and let me know in advance and I can normally arrange for him to be elsewhere.


If you fancy seeing some more of Baxter, a couple of years ago I photographed a 365 day project with him, where I took a photo everyday for a year…