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Should you pay more for Actors headshots?

When looking for a good headshot photographer, you have probably noticed they don't come cheap, and ever wonder why?

When there are people always offering 'deal' and 'offers' at a cheap price, why pay more?

When there is some deals to be struck and you can get good headshots from it, you have to also be careful you are not wasting money on acting headshots you can't use.

Heres a few reasons why you might not want to skimp on paying for headshots:

Tools for the Job

Professional photographers should have all the equipment and experience to produce great shots, think of them as 'tools' and we need quite a few different ones to light people, as every face requires a slightly different approach.

Showing Professionalism

When the headshot is an actor's calling card and a vital part of your marketing material, showing that you have invested in professional headshots can show casting directors that you are serious about your career and willing to invest in themselves.

Your Unique look

An experienced photographer should be able to coach and guide you, the actor, into creating a headshot with a strong artistic vision that sets you apart from the crowd and showcases your unique look, casting range and personality.


Many professional photographers will offer retouching services to ensure that their headshots look good in the final image. This can include correcting blemishes, smoothing skin, colour correcting and grading. This is additional time usually included in the shoot fee.


As well as their time, remember that the photographer may have to cover other costs such as studio rent, light and heating, Insurance, and web hosting and those costs need to take tax and VAT off as well, so it all adds up.

So while it may be possible to find cheaper options for headshots, actors may choose to pay more for professional headshots to ensure that they have high-quality, professional-looking pictures that pass the grade to present to casting directors and forward their career.


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