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So with summer here, there is always a few things to think of when it comes to having your headshots taken in the hotter summer months...

1) Keep in mind it's bright out there - If you suffer from sensitive eyes to bright light and you are planning on shooting outside with your photographer, this may effect your shoot. Not many headshot photographers will shoot in direct sunlight, but may be worth checking with your photographer before the shoot to clarify.

If you wear sunglasses a lot outdoors in the sun, be aware of sun-tan marks and 'Panda eyes', it tends to be more noticable on the bridge of your nose (where the line of the glasses goes across), so think about that prior to your shoot, it can be retouched out, but better to be aware beforehand.

2) Summer = Heat (well most of the time) - If you get all hot and sweaty in the summer, make sure you take some powder (translucent powder can be a blessing in situations like that) and keep in mind that greys and mid blues/greens coloured tops will show sweat marks more than others. Try not to wear too many thick layers, and if you do, (Jackets etc) take them off inbetween takes to keep cool - remember, its headshots, so wear shorts and flip flops on the lower half if its more comfy.

Remember to stay hydrated too, bring plenty of water to your shoot!

3) Bring the bottom half! - This one is more for the ladies (well, maybe some guys too?!) but there is always a few people every summer that turn up for their headshots wearing a lovely summer dress, with a suitcase full of t-shirts to wear, but have forgotten anything to wear on the bottom half! So just think about the whole outfitor you're going to feel slightly awkward and half naked!

4) Book in advance, allow extra time for retouch galleries - Summer is busy for headshot photographers, not only does the weather prompt more people want to update their portfolios, but you also have a lot of drama school students getting their headshots done in time for starting their 3rd year in September, so make sure you book in advance. Also, busier periods means you may be a slightly longer turnaround on retouch requests with some photographers.

5) How brown? or Red in some cases... - Everyone likes a bit of a tan, but how much does that sun-tan reflect your casting type, and also, how long will it hang around come autumn time? If you are going away on a nice sunny holiday, it may be worth trying to get hedshots before you go so they look more like you. Also, if you are of a more sensitive pale skin type, try not to get burnt before your shoot, so stay out of that sun and factor 50 up.

So all in all, enjoy shooting in the summer, I think summer headshots can naturally carry such a positive feel (the weather does amazing things to peoples mental state) but drink plenty of water before your shoot and make sure you eat, as otherwise you are more likely to feel faint in the heat, and the best thing about summer headshots? you can go celebrate after your shoot with a cold beverage...

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