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THE APHP - Changing the standards of headshot photography

In 2016, I had the privilege of joining the UK's leading headshot photographers in the development and launch of 'The Association of Professional Headshot Photographers'.

A few years ago a group of us headshot photographers linked up and started to share our experiences and knowledge, both good and bad. We made a community where previously there had only been sole-practitioners, and found that we had similar ideas about how we could improve the industry for photographers, actors, agents and drama schools.

Over time these ideas all came together via conversations, meetings and plans, and the 14 founding professionals, joined by many more established photographers, built a new association, geared towards improving everything about headshots in the industry.

Just as the Casting Directors Guild or the PMA have brought standardisation, ethical norms, good practice and better communication to their fields of expertise, so will the APHP.

The APHP is a non-profit group, founded on principles of education, expertise and excellence, it aims to benefit both actors and agents by establishing and celebrating recognised standards of headshot professionalism, through the 'APHP Approved' quality kitemark.

Wherever you see it, you can be sure of working with an ​qualified photographer who is fair, reliable and responsible, possessing the experience, skill and knowledge to provide you or your clients with the highest quality headshots.

Why use or recommend an APHP Photographer?

APHP members provide consistently superb casting headshots fit for the contemporary entertainment industry; they are 'APHP Approved'Only APHP-qualified photographers display the 'Approved' logo, so if you work with, or recommend, one of our members, you can rely on the highest standards of professional skill and expertise:

All APHP members are Qualified and have:

Experience; a minimum of three years, but often decades, as a professional portraitist, shooting every kind of actor.

Skill: expert technical skills & superior equipment, plus keen understanding of light, composition and styleKnowledge: a wealth of up-to-date, industry-specific expertise.

Protection: up to date public liability & professional indemnity insurances.

A Duty of Care: sophisticated data back up & measures to secure your images, while protecting your personal information.

All APHP members abide by the Code of Conduct and are:

Fair: abide by fair terms & conditions clearly laid out online.

Reliable: honour bookings, stick to deadlines re image supply & guarantee prices as booked.

Responsible: strive to provide a consistently excellent service & find a resolution to any problem.

APHP photographers NEVER:

Operate cash-back arrangements with agents in exchange for recommendations.

Work as an Agent or Casting Director.

Break the conditions of our Code of Conduct

For more information, please visit www.

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