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How to select the best headshots for your casting

So you've been through the process of your headshot shoot, and you've received your gallery from the photographer, and now find yourself firmly in 'you' town; population: you. So many pictures of your face, where do you start?

Hopefully the tips below will help you to make the process that little bit easier when looking through your gallery, and allow you to choose the photos that are right for your casting...

LIST CASTING TYPES - Make a list of your different casting types before you start, and relate the choices you make to those cast types, don't just gravitate to the ones where 'I look really hot!' It might not get you a job! This way, you can relate each choice back to a cast-type.

LITTLE AND LARGE - View your headshots in small thumbnails and large versions, don't forget that most of the time, the initial view of your photo will be in thumbnail online, so it becomes just as important as the large version, if not more!

FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT - Think about which photos jump out and grab you... Look at them and squint and blur your eyes a bit, which ones still stand out, whether it be the colour or basic shape, which one make you look twice on a basic image level.

THINGS CAN BE TWEAKED - Take editing into account - most photographers will 'tweak' and 'grade' your edited photos, whether it be brightening, colour balance or contrast, some photos may just need a little adjustment to make them stand out. So don't disregard a photo that may just needs some basic adjustments.

CROPPED OR NOT CROPPED - Think about cropping - some photographers will give you a gallery of cropped images but most will give you images as they were shot, un-cropped, so keep that little bit of cropping in mind as it can make a big difference.

THINK LIKE A CASTING DIRECTOR - Don't make it personal! It's very easy to critique your own face, don't pick holes in it. Embrace your wrinkles and scars etc, that's you! And that receding hairline or big nose might be what gets you a casting. So pick shots that show your features and don't hide them away too much.

ASK AROUND - Gather as many opinions as you can (your mum doesn't count). Once you have found your top selection, put them out to your piers, find out what people think, and trust the ones that know you the most to pick the shots that are 'you'. Also, don't disregard your agent, they are the ones selling you, so they will have their own thoughts too!

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